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mirkarimi, mirkar. right now on nbc bay area news, with the election in just three days, president obama and governor romney are campaigning day and night's flying battleground state to battleground state, trying to win over undecided voters. plus, how hurricane sandy is playing a role as well. and how businesses in south bay are trying to get creative without the regular hockey crow crowd. nbc bay area news starts now. good evening, i'm diane dwyer, thank you for joining us, it has been a week since hurricane sandy hit the east coast, many are without power, and recovery is still slow. nbc's jay gray has more on how
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neighbors are helping neighbors. >> reporter: the clean up has come from some who suffered the most. >> everybody is looking after everybody else, helping each other. >> reporter: survivors, coming together in the wake of sandy. >> this is a disaster that has touched home for us. it is our job to go out here with the people. >> reporter: making meals. >> reporter: and volunteer doctors taking care of those who have no place to go. >> i think that they made the right decision. >> reporter: she was supposed to compete in the new york city marathon this weekend. when the race was cancelled, she agreed now is not the time to run. instead, she stayed to help. >> i can't even imagine like losing everything. so if i could do something to help, you know, whatever little i could do, i want to do it. >> reporter: support also continues to pour in by the truckload, with water, and warm clothes. but there is no way to meet the overwhelming need all at once. >> after the initial search and rescue, the recovery process is difficult and it is painful. >> reporter: today, president obama again met with fema
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officials working to try to ease the pain. >> it continues to be my number one priority. there is nothing more important than us getting this right. >> reporter: vital in a place where so much has gone so wrong. jay gray, nbc news, new york. and republicans are criticizing the president's response to the hurricane, in light of the fact many are without power tonight. democrats say they were pro active and prepared as much as they could. the candidates, meanwhile, are flying back and forth from the several toss-up states that could make the difference on election day, nbc's brian mooar has more. >> reporter: as they head into the final weekend, the candidates are chris-crossing the battleground map. and crossed paths in dubuque, iowa. at stop after stop, they each
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argued the other guy is the wrong guy. with three days remaining in this race, every baby they pose with and every hand they shake could make a difference in a state that might make a difference. governor romney traveled from new hampshire to iowa to colorado. >> he is asking the supporters to vote for revenge. >> reporter: the president was in by we, iowa, ohio and virginia, and the surrogates were all over the map. >> this is what you hear when you're in a nascar race, right richard? the president got a boost from pop star, katy perry. before hitting the campaign trail, president obama coordinated the response to hurricane sandy. >> this continues to be my number one priority. >> reporter: and although the president earned praise for his early response, the destruction and misery left behind by sandy continues to be a wild card in a tight race for the white house.
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the latest nbc poll out of ohio shows the president with a 51-45% lead. but team romney insist they are closing the gap. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. and this are elections throughout the bay area, as well. one of the hotly contested races in alameda county is for the supervisor's seat, vacated. four candidates are running for the seat in district two. nbc bay area caught up with all but one of the candidates at a forum today, and has more. >> reporter: thank you, district two includes hayward, three of the four candidates showed up and they all have different priorities in terms of what they want to do for alameda county, voters packed the area, during a
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forum sponsored by the candidates. he is running to finish out the two years of her term. vaje says the priority would be to help the hospital, on the verge of being bankrupt. >> 22% of people going there don't have health insurance, and there are very few places where people can get good quality health insurance. st. rose has been a good quality hospital. >> reporter: he says he has the edge in the race because of his long experience and success as a public servant. >> i have actually been in local and regional government for 20 years. which, when you add up at the elected experience of the three opponents, it is equal to them combined. >> reporter: retired as a deputy in the alameda county sheriff's office, mark turnquist says he would make safety the number one priority. >> anybody you call, the call is
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delayed, because the more you cut, the more you lose. and with the big loss in public safety services people are going to lose their security of having them around the corner. >> reporter: absent from the forum was mary hayaishi, who cancelled at the last minute, she has been the subject of an attack across district two by a super pac, with mailers reminding voters of her conviction earlier this year for shoplifting, stealing $2200 worth of clothing from marcus in san francisco. others say her past is an issue. >> i think unless you have your head in the sand you are not paying attention to the realities of the people in this race. >> reporter: her campaign manager tells me the assemblywoman is campaigning door-to-door this weekend and will not be available for an interview until tuesday, which of course, is election day. now the taxes don't seem to affect her ability to fundraise,
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she has raised more than 2 million for her campaign. all right, thank you, monte. a fire at an apartment complex in san rafael could have been a whole lot worse, fire officials say if it was not for the quick thinking of people on this barge. take a look at this video, that is, that was sent to us when a viewer was on the water at canal street at 9:00 in the morning. as you can see they were doing work and started to put water on the flames until firefighters arrived. officials say the fire was likely sparked by barbecue materials left on the deck overnight. and it was a beautiful day in the bay area, things are about to change, let's bring in meteorologist rob mayeda for more. yes, by standards it will be a little bit of a heat wave, a gorgeous evening in the bay
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area, cloud-free, not all that breezy. and in santa clara, mostly clear skies, patchy fog tonight. quick check shows us 65, san francisco, 69, san jose, and low 70s inland. and tonight, patchy fog will set up. and notice the sunrise, 6:39 tomorrow morning, an hour earlier due to the time change tonight as we roll back the clocks. so the morning starts off with fog, take a look for the afternoon, 80s in the forecast, low 80s outside for your sunday. and temperatures warm up even more as we get into the work week. and we could actually break records for heat, if you want to call it that in november. the seven-day forecast has plenty of changes, including a chance of rain later next week. we'll walk through the timing in all the rapid changes coming up in the forecast. and coming up next at 6:00. if you this i about buying the new ipad mini, you wouldn't want to miss the earlier consumer reviews. what people are saying the day
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after apple's new release. and there is a scavenger hunt going on in the bay area having a little to do with baseball. and the start of the season could be delayed again, horrible news for businesses in downtown san jose. i'll have more on this coming up. .
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business owners in downtown
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san jose continue to suffer the absence of an nhl season. some bar owners have been forced to cut back on workers and come up with different ways to keep the customers coming in. nbc bay area has more on that, hello, arturo. >> reporter: hi, diane, and there was supposed to be a completely different scene here at the shark tank, there was supposed to be a hockey game instead of this quiet. the san jose sharks were supposed to play, and four games for november are cancelled. and now the start of the regular season that was pushed back to december one is in serious jeopardy. there is a gap in the revenue for bars and restaurants that do well during hockey season. they're already feeling the pinch. when there is hockey, there is usually a wait staff here at the restaurant, tonight, they only have five. they're trying to make up for some of the lost businesses by
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having a beer-tasting event and increasing the number of beers they have on tap, they're saying please don't stay home just because there is no hockey. >> and we just want to encourage people to come out anyway, come downtown. san pedro square has become more of a destination spot, plenty of places to eat. drink, please come down to san pedro square, support us, so we're here for you when hockey season does come. so there is a lot more to downtown san jose than just hockey. >> reporter: now the bar manager says the hardest thing he has had to do is cut back on his staff. and now that the winter classic between the red wings and the maple leafs have been cancelled, he plans on no hockey until january. now they did have representatives meet today but there was no significant progress made. all they were really planning to do was plan for future meetings. live, san jose, i'm arturo
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santiago. all right, thank you, arturo. we'll show you a scavenger hunt for giants world series, and it's all led by social media.
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haya . apple started selling its much-anticipated mini pad, just like the original, a bit smaller in size and price. it is not really a revolutionary change, but is enough to get customers into stores again. an inside look on the mini. >> reporter: the good news, these apple fans didn't have to camp out to get their hands on the new ipad mini. on the other hand, the sales were brisk, and they necessarily
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sold out by mid-afternoon. >> my initial impression, the graphics are really wide and clear, so we were just checking it out. seems like it is a little more crisp than the one i have right now. >> reporter: we heard that a lot. the mini is a little this, a little better than that, nothing earth-shattering, which means along with shopping in lines, no long lines. >> i have started to do all of my newspapers, magazines, books on my technology. but i'm finding that the iphone, the text is getting smaller and smaller. and the ipad, i like to read in bed and it is a little clumsy and i drop it. so this is perfect in size. >> reporter: and it was clear in the store, the company has another hit on its hand. maybe not a huge hit, but at least a mini one. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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and we have rave reviews for one of our own today, we have to brag a little bit. nbc area cheryl herd is in the spotlight for 25 years of exceptional work. the national academy of television arts and sciences is recognizing cheryl for her significant contribution to television in northern california. >> and i'll tell you about a new friend. >> for nearly three decades, cheryl herd has been making deadlines, covering stories that have impacted lives and shaped the bay area's rich history. cheryl has never backed down, not even tear gas could stop her. >> you heard it, the tear gas went off and is pretty strong. >> not only that, cheryl is one of the most funny and kind people know i know. no matter what she is doing, she is always kind, congratulations my friend. and rob mayeda has more.
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the weather, and cheryl looking great, too, temperatures in the mid-60s, san francisco, low 70s today, 77 in south san jose, and if you like today i think you will really like tomorrow. we'll add about five more degrees to the temperatures, warming things up to wrap up for the weekend. and notice inland, 70 degrees at altamonte pass, we're seeing it in the north bay, but not in the inland, patchy areas of fog forming. chilly night of 40s, 50s, and we'll go on a roller coaster ride for the next few days. temperatures dropping down, 30 degrees difference between the weather that starts, and the weather around this time next weekend. right now the satellite radar showing you the high pressure building in, ensures things will warm up, maybe patchy fog as we
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head into the morning, and nothing but sunshine. highs tomorrow in the low 80s. any sign of marine air will stay right along the coast. even the coast should see numbers closer to the 70s for tomorrow. and notice, mostly clear skies, high clouds going on by, tomorrow, we'll see mostly sunny conditions. light offshore breeze will keep our skies clear all the way into tomorrow evening. so tonight, patches of fog forming. we'll see especially the north bay valleys could see reduced visibility at times. and as we head into the afternoon, the temperatures warming up into san jose, heading into morgan hill, towards pleasanton, 83 in danville, and north bay, santa rosa, 84 degrees. if we can get in the mid-80s this time of year that would break some records. so we may not quite get there on sunday, but monday, should be the warmest day of the week
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heading into tuesday. but get ready for the big u-turn in the forecast, coming wednesday and thursday. we'll start the week in the 70s, 80s, finishing the week with showers in the 50s, and 60s, and maybe showers in the higher elevations. a strange, forecast, meanwhile, enjoy it. gorgeous until about tuesday. >> snow and heat. >> all in seven days. >> i like it. all right, we'll be right back. this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message
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about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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we had the big victory parade on wednesday, but the festival surrounding the win of the giants is not over yet. today, they took part in a giant, get it? giant scavenger hunt, for free. louisville slugger, hthe first clue was sent out at 9:00 this morning, and read, the best view to start the best time, come and
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get it in san francisco. and there is the location right there, ryan sure did, he figured it out. he was the first to find the limited edition bat near the coveycove, of course. >> a die hard giants fan, i drove all the way down, this is amazing. >> and you still have a chance if you want to check it out. organizers are hiding bat 28 out of 30, just a few more to go. so all you have to do is like louisville slugger on baseball, and follow the company on twitter, at slugger-nation for the very next clue. right now, we're going to henry wol for sports. >> reporter: big sports stories as you mentioned, diane, the oakland a's made a move that may not fit well with their fans, and we have an update on the warriors high flying forward.
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is brandon rush out for the season? i'll hav
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covey co . welcome back to nbc bay area, the golden state warriors were keeping their fingers crossed for their teammate, brandon rush, but didn't get the news they were hoping for. the rest of the season, he was out with a torn acl. in case you missed it last night, he was injured in the
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game against the memphis grizzlies, rush was going up for the dunk, fouled by zack randolph, he was in pain, tried to walk off the court under his own power, however, he was unsuccessful. we wish him the best. over to the diamond, the oakland a's made a move that could surprise the fans, they signed colon, who was suspected 50 games last season for using steroids. he will complete the suspension by missing the first five games, over to college ball, stanford, colorado, here comes ralph, a big dude, watch out. mid-way through the first quarter, six, on the 35, jordan web is picked off by ed reynolds, who has serious feet of the struggling a little bit later was josh nunez, replaced
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by kevin hogan at quarterback. and hogan completes a 32-yard pass, stanford on the one, hogan to zack ertz, all by himself, 28-0, stanford, stanford goes on to win 38-0, the first time colorado has been shut out at home since 1986. and pit, versus third-ranked. dives for the end zone, there is a fumble pit, recovers, all pit, right? so this is pretty easy, the only thing they have to do is kick a field goal to win. kevin harper, 33-yard field goal. oh no, we have problems, wide right. so we're going to triple overtime. pit up, 26-23, first to go for notre dame. and everett golson, quarterback sneak, they go on to win the
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game, the final, 29-26. what about the san jose state spartans? second quarter, game tied at seven, david bells finds car in the end zone, initially called out of bounds. however, they took another look at it and actually could see after all. it was a touchdown. 13-7, spartans, second and ten, chandler jones with the end zone. 28-13, spartans. fourth quarter, now, spartans trying to get in that lead, logan bushnell intercepted. all the way, to the touchdown, 47th yard interception return, san jose state around wins, 42 five million purse on the line,
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bay area trainer, nunino at 19-1, came down to fort lawrence, wins, he entered at 10-1 odds, that john mccae jock have won. >> thank you for joining us on bay area, we'll see you tonight for a special edition of nbc bay area news. coming up on tech now, inside a silicon valley start-up that is making big money and having a lot of fun how all of those new apple devices have started an entire app industry. if you're looking to buy some gadgets, we have got some new technology to make it all happen faster. and speaking of faster, a

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